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be significant for all of us. >> another difference with the the senate plan is that mr. obama's proposal would extent family immigration rights. >> same-sex partners from other countries should not be faced with the painful choice between staying with the person they love and staying in a country they love. >> as long as the senate plan stays close to the president's principles, he is happy to led congress take the lead. they don't think they can sell a plan to the latino community that mr. obama doesn't report. some republicans are concerned if he is tied too closely to the plan they can't sell it to other republicans. >> bret: wendell goler live in las vegas. thank you. much more on this with the panel. senator john kerry has been confirmed as the next secretary of state. senators easily approved the nomination this afternoon, following the endorsement by the foreign relations committee kerry used to lead. the vote was # 4 in favor -- # 4 in favor, three against and up with present. massachusetts democratic governor dvlll patrick is expected to name interim replacement senator tomorrow. outg
voted against it. senator obama voted against it, senator biden voted against it and senator lugar voted against it. as to the iranian red line, the persian gulf and some of the iranian questions, i support the president's strong position on containment as i have said. i will speak more specifically to a couple of the examples you used from my book. his position is i think right and when you ask the question of our red lines, i think the president has gone as far as he should go publicly. he has said clearly that in his words, he has israel's back. he said his policy is not to allow the iranians to get a nuclear weapon. what constitutes when action would be taken, that is always something that should not be discussed publicly or debated in the public domain. your quotations from my book which you acknowledge i always said the military option should be on the table and i have said that consistently as well as engaging with iran, i have always thought it is a far smarter to approach these very serious threats, including iran, probably as significant a threat we have out there today, althou
to ask the question then senator barack obama. politician i longed for. >> it took 42 presidents 224 years to run up only $1 trillion worth of foreign held debt. [applause] john: we're back with your questions. mark meckler a>> mark mekler founded the biggest tea party group. daniel garza who wants immigrants made legal and jonathan bid lalak who wants to encourage politicians not to increase spending. susan cross says about executive orders what are the limits? who made the most during their presidency? >> what is an executive order and what are the limits? >> executive orders are something used by presidents and supposedly to allow them to execute the law or other duties. they are not actually specified in the constitution. there are no specified limits. presidents used them in variety of ways. they seem to get more expansive. they create imperial presidency. there are no limits on them. >> and the worst i happen to know this is not barack obama or fdr it was teddy roosevelt who issued a thousand executive orders including one that tried to change the language. he said word should
and continuing in 2012 was senator obama and now president obama reelected. >> bill: here is what perplexes me? >> politically correct? i appear to be. >> president obama's economic plan hasn't worked among african-americans. when you voted for him, 12.7 unemployment. december of 2012, a month after you voted for him again, 14% unemployment. up. okay. hasn't worked. income, black income $32,000 compared to white 55,000. gone down under president obama. hasn't worked. so, you basically said to yourself i'm still going to support the guy even though his economic policies haven't worked for african-americans and pretty much anyone else. >> well, you have only seen me as an african-american, bill, that troubles me. i'm an american. >> bill: ill know that you cited that in some of your criticisms. you said and correct me if i am wrong, that the disengagement of the republican party from the minority community, blacks and hispanics troubled you. >> the economic situation in the country has improved but not enough. >> bill: not for african-americans. not for minorities. >> i'm not speaking as an afri
attack on the obama administration. and on regular americans all across the country. senate republicans are vowing to block richard cadre, president obama's pick to head the consumer financial protection bureau. that's the agency elizabeth warren set up to make sure big banks don't prey on regular americans. but, today, 43 republicans sent a letter saying they're worried the agency has too much power over the banks. and they won't allow the nomination to go ahe. this is outrageous. the right wing is doing everything it can to block this president. to stand against working class people. and to stand up for wall street. that i had' they're even willing to hurt the economy itself. it's that's what it takes to hurt the president, they're willing to do it. >> any immediate economic setback or the perception of one could weaken obama's clout. maybe a sour economy is worth it if it will distract obama. >> there's a lot of talk these days about how the gop can come back politically. the quickest possible way politically with a contracting economy, if it happened again in the next quarter, that'
, when barack obama came in 2005 or later, and fresh members of the senate are more impatient with the dysfunction of the place. we saw some of the effects this past week with the agreement among republicans and democrats to slightly streamline filibuster procedures. >> all right. john harwood, good to have you on with us tonight. thanks. >>> as secretary of state hillary clinton prepares to step down in coming days, she sat down alongside president obama for an interview that will air tomorrow on "60 minutes." four years ago or so they were rivals for the democratic presidential nomination and then she became a key member of his inner circle. the president and secretary talked about her service. >> i want the country to appreciate just what an extraordinary role she's played during the course of my administration and a lot of the successes we've had internationally have been because of her hard work. >> in politics and in democracy, sometimes you win elections. sometimes you lose elections. and i worked very hard but i lost and then president obama asked me to be secretary of
pleasure. grecketly ahead. president obama and senator marco rubio both pushing immigration reform this week. will push back by their own partieieieieie >> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald, but there is hope. >> getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened to me. >> i'm happy with the way i look now. >> i'm very excited about my hair. >> i feel beautiful. >> i love my hair.>> announcer:s all-proven hair loss solutions backed by our commitment to satisfaction guaranteed. if you're not 100% satisfied with the solution you choose, hair club will apply the purchase price to another proven hair loss solution or transplant more hair at no charge. >> and that was the best thing i've ever done. >> it looks good on me. >> announcer: call in the next five minutes to get your free brochure at no obligation. it will tell you everything you need to know about your hair loss problem, and it's free if you call now. >> i am more pleased than what i had even imagined. >> i at least look, i would say, five years you
that policy would be contingent on securing the southern border. seven years ago then senator obama the joined a similar effort >> if the compromise that's been discussed and has the agreement of those who were in this room, if that ends up being the bill that is signed into law, it's a win-win for everybody >> woodruff: today president obama praised the new senate effort. he said the path to citizenship must be clear from the start and not just be tied to border security. >> we have to lay out a path, a process that includes passing a background check, paying taxes, paying a penalty, learning english, and then going to the back of the line behind all the folks who are trying to come here legally. that's only fair. right? so that means it won't be a quick process but it will be a fair process. >> woodruff: back in washington florida republican marco rubio, a member of the bipartisan senate group, still seemed concerned the president wanted to move too far too fast >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest and cheapest pathway to green card poss
-win for everybody >> woodruff: today president obama praised the new senate effort. he said the path to citizenship must be clear from the start and not just be tied to border security. >> we have to lay out a path, a process that includes passing a background check, paying taxes, paying a penalty, learning english, and then going to the back of the line behind all the folks who are trying to come here legally. that's only fair. right? so that means it won't be a quick process but it will be a fair process. >> woouff: back in washington florida republican marco rubio, a member of the bipartisan senate group, still seemed concerned the president wanted to move too far too fast >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest and cheapest pathway to green card possible, this thing is not going to go well, folks >> woodruff: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said he's withholding judgment for now >> i think predicting how one is going to vote on this package before it gets out of committee is something i'm not prepared to do. but i will say... what i w
was not actually hagel himself today. it was president obama. because senator hagel's positions are identical to those of president obama, vice president biden, secretary of state kerry, in fact the vast majority of the security establishment in the united states. that we are stuck with an obsolete arsenal of nuclear weapons that have little relevance to the threats we face today of cybersecurity, of nuclear terrorism, of unrest in the middle east, and every dollar that we're spending on these nuclear weapons is taking money away from the troops, preventing us from giving the weapons that they really need. these senators are stuck in a position of defending a 120th century arsenal that has little relevance in today's world. >> and hearing them read their talking points about this today, awkwardly read these talking points as if they do not come naturally to them and they have been told to read them made me feel like the reason i wanted you to hear inhofe say it how awkwardly he said it is because it makes me wonder what constituencies these senators are speaking for, who believe that by rusin
.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the senate took up president obama's proposal to reform the nation's gun control laws with a high-profile senate judiciary hearing on wednesday. in a surprise an unannounced appearance, gabrielle giffords, the former congressmember badly wounded in the tucson shooting rampage two years ago, urged lawmakers to back and control. >> this is an important conversation for our children, for our community, for democrats and republicans. speaking is difficult, but i need to say something important. the violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. it will be hard, but the time is now! you must act. the bold, the courageous. americans are counting on you. thank you. >> appearing alongside the former congressmember giffords who was shot in the head was her husband, the former astronaut mark kelly. kelly said he and giffords represented millions of gun owners to support new restrictions in the aftermath of the sandy hook massacre. >> we are both gun owners and we take that right and responsibilities
will be working this car next and who was to doubt him? what's hot on the heels of a group of american senators, president obama has rolled out his own plan for dealing with america pause immigration problem. speaking in las vegas, he said that immigration reform must include a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million people living in america illegally. >> he is here, he is president. he is a tremendous support with a latino voters. a promise to help illegal immigrants become americans. >> i'm here because the time has come for common-sense, comprehensive immigration reform. >> that might be music to the ears of those in the streets of laredo, through this texting -- texan town, once ofa part of the nearly 2,000 miles of border. there is an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the states. the vast majority from mexico. for years, it has been an intractable problem. some things are changing. some might have a better chance of success. many have come across the border illegally. also republicans are having a very serious briefing, wondering whether their attitude towards immigration costs
. not the president's gun control proposals. >> more changes coming to president obama's cabinet. senator john kerry was overwhelmingly confirmed to replace hillary clinton. the vote was 94-3. three republicans opposing his confirmation. the state department is planning a welcome ceremony on monday morning. >> president obama lays out his plan for immigration reform. but could be on a collision course with congress. >> still ahead, we'll sit down with our team of political experts and find out some of the reasons why. >> plus, the most extensive and complicated arm transplant surgery in history. more from the war hero who received a new grasp on life. grasp on life. >> but first, media day at the super dome. dave ross joins us live with reaction from ray lewis. >> as we head to the break, here's another live look outside of that accident. the latest weather from tucker. traffic from julie in just a moments. 10 minutes after 7:00. we'll be right back. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments. it wasn
senators not acted yesterday, you likely would have seen obama offer his own plan. but the senators did act and their plan is the plan. the last thing the white house wants to do is blow up this fragile coalition. congressman mario diaz balart out of florida. thank you for your time. >> great pleasure being here. >> absolutely. first let me get your thoughts on the likelihood of this deal being reached. we now know from the white house, the president will give the remarks within the hour he basically is in line with the principles that were proposed by the bipartisan group and if there's dissession or divide, what is it? >> well, remember what the senators did and glad they did that, put together principles and yet to see from the senate language. us in the house trying for years to have the legislative language and should have that relatively soon. i don't think, though, there's a lot of difference between the principles of the senators put on on the table with what some of us believe we can put in legislative language but the devil's in the details, obviously. >> absolutely. some of the d
forms of gun and ammunition controls. and only two, proposed by president obama and senator diane feinstein. the husband of gabrielle giffords giffords, mark kelly, was there. >> the shooter in tucson showed up with two third round magazines, one in his nine mm. he unloaded the contents in 15 seconds, very quickly, happening very fast. the first bullet went into gabby's head, bullet 13 went into a nine-year-old girl named christina taylor green. if he had a ten round magazine, let me back up. when he tried to reload one 33 round magazine with another 33 round magazine he dropped it. and a woman grabbed it. it gave the people around him the time to tackle him. i contend if that same thing happened when he was trying to reload one ten-round magazine with another ten-round magazine, meaning he didn't have access to a high capacity magazine, and the same thing happened, christina taylor green would be alive today. >> the case against banning high-capacity magazines and assault weapons was made anecdotally by witnesses in favor of high-capacity magazines. but all the anecdotes were abo
's by president obama or senator feinstein or you, that would actually work, i think we've got to stop talking about what makes us feel better and what maybe -- and what actually works or what sounds good because when the emotions are this raw for all of us, we all want to, quote, do something, but we have to do something that works. the fact is in the three massacres we're talking about, aurora, tucson, and newtown, these guys had their guns legally. i mean, i hate saying their names so i say the tucson shooter, he passed an instant background check, and the assault weapons ban had failed in his case, the guy in aurora still would have had the other two weapons he used to commit his crimes. >> kellyanne. you skillfully avoided my question, which is do you agree with the sandy hook father's premise that the right of his child's life supersedes the right to own a high-powered weapon or high capacity magazine. >> we have something called the second amendment. if politicians out there don't like it, they're going to have to amend the constitution. you're not going to get very far because as you s
beware. good morning, i'm mara. the groundwork is laid and president obama will detail the plans for the broadest overhaul in nearly three decades. the president will make his announcement a day after senators unveil their plan. nbcs tracie potts is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: mara, good morning. the president and lawmakers are talking about it. this time we could see action because both sides are motivated. if congress drags its feet on immigration, the white house has a plan ready. president obama will lay it out today in las vegas. the white house says it's similar to what democrats and republicans introduced monday. >> we are going to get pushback but americans are saying let's get it fixed. they are in line for citizenship after paying fees and learn english. >> no one should expect the members of the senate are going rubber stamp it. >> we will never put them on a path to citizenship until we have fully secured our borders. >> reporter: advocates for reform will push the plan. >> we are marching and rallying. >> we have to support our haitian brothers and sis
after cruising through confirmation in the senate. president obama's choice to run the pentagon is a different story. former senator chuck hagel, a vietnam veteran, took heavy fire from members of his own party for his opposition to the 2007 troop surge in iraq. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in the country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? >> well, i'm not going to give you a -- a yes or no answer on a lot of things today. >> let the record show you refuse to answer that question. >> reporter: he was hammered by gop senators who said he was too tough on israel. and soft on iran. he was grilled about referring to pro-israeli groups at the jewish lobby. >> i am sorry. >> reporter: he talked about the nuclear weapons of iran. >> i misstated. i've just been handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. >> reporter: despite the bruising hearing, he's still likely to be confirmed. if so, he'll be the first defense secretary that saw combat as an enlis
of united states senators are really in line with what president obama has been calling for, you know, really all the way through his first term. and i think president obama's advocacy and his focus on the need for comprehensive immigration reform during his campaign really created the space for and quite frankly the outcome of the election created this space for this bipartisan cooperation, but, you know, i want to give you a healthy but. there is, you know, the road is littered with gangs of senators, good intentions that were consumed by the legislative process, and, you know, what i'm hopeful about in the house is certainly that the majority of democrats in the house embrace comprehensive immigration reform and the principles that were put forward by the gang of eight, and i'm confident when president obama talks about it today it will be similar. but the question is will the speaker who is dealing with still his group of really extreme republicans who have already signalled not very good comments about the proposal, you know, will he eventually let the will of the house work, the
is at the capitol with details. nancy? >> reporter: scott, these eight senators say they sense an opening on the issue now and a new willingness among republicans to compromise on immigration after president obama won the latino vote by 71% in the november election.1% the senators behind the plan are a bipartisan group of heavy hitters. new york democrat charles schumer is their unofficial leader. >> we believe this will be the year congress finally gets it done. con the politics on this issue have been turned upside down. for the first time ever there's more political risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it. >> reporter: their plan would grant illegal immigrants temporary legal status to staygr in the country if they pass a a criminal background check, pay a fine and back taxes and learn english. but they would have to get the back of the line for citizenship-- a process that would only start once border security has been improved with more agents and more drones. in 2007, republicans brought down a similar plan arguing it amounts to amnesty. but arizona's john mccain w
over. president obama's choice to run the pentagon is a different story. former senator chuck hagel, a vietnam veteran, took heavy fire from his own party. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in the country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer on a lot of things. >> you refuse to answer that question. >> reporter: he was hammered by gop senators who said he was too tough on israel. he was talked to about referring to pro-israeli groups at the jewish lobby. >> i misstated. i've just been handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. >> reporter: despite the bruising hearing, he's shil likely to be confirmed. if so, he'll be the first defense secretary that saw combat as an enlisted soldier. >>> instant fallout overnight after the los angeles arch die seize was ordered to release documents. retired card mall mahoney has been released from his duties. the papers show how cardinal mahoney shielded priests from the
debate steps up a bit when a senate committee begins debate on president obama's plan. >> it includes a ban on assault weapons and expanded background checks for gun mary ann rafferty has the late. >> reporter: president obama and vice president joe biden laid out their proposal for new gun control legislation earlier this month. it includes a ban on assault weapons. gun rights advocates suggest the move infringes on our second amendment rights. others suggest assault weapons are only intended to cause harm. >> do you need assault weapons? these are weapons made to chill large numbers of people in close combat. >> reporter: the pros president's proposal calls for an enhanced background check for gun purchases. >> the guy who killed people tragically in newtown was using his mother's guns. so the background check wouldn't have done any good. >> reporter: some lawmakers say a more in-depth look at mental health issues would help curb the violence. >> we need to be looking at mental health and the root causes, some of these psychotropic drugs and not let this be about the weapon. an assa
blush, they look similar, except president obama says, let's get this done now and the senate plan says, let's secure the bordzer. >> they are broadly similar. if you read the outlines, you can see much of the same language and the same issues brought up. but there are two area where is there is some difference, you might say significant difference, may be enough to scuttle the bill without a compromise. the number-1 issue is this commission, to make sure that the border is secure before the plan gets implemented. in the gang of 8, they mention a plan that they released yesterday. they mention a commission of border, state governors and community activists that would have to -- issue recommendations that the border was secure before the plan is implemented. the president doesn't mention this at all. what he has said in his speech today and in the report that he issued to reporters is that he's already cracked down on the immigrants coming over and that there is no mention of anything happening to be ratified before this pathway to citizenship begins. now to be fair, in the senate gang o
obama appointed three people to the national labor relations board without the traditional senate confirmation process. he did so by using his recess appointment power. senate republicans objected. they argued that he couldn't do that because at the time the senate was still meeting in what's called a pro-forma session, a super brief session sometimes just lasting a few minutes. that's been used by democrats and republicans explicitly to keep presidents from making these so-called recess appointments. well, the obama administration countered that he had the power to make those recess appointments because the senate was, practically speaking, and for all other intents and purposes, in recess. well this past friday the white house lost that argument in court. a three-judge panel on a federal court of appeals in washington, d.c. ruled that president obama's recess appointments were unconstitutional. wouldn't you know it, all three of those panel judges were appointed by republicans presidents. well, white house spokesperson jay carney said the decision went against the traditional ba
, the coach when yen the the reason president obama segment and, the senate if he had a son, he would not want his son to play football. >> i do not want my son--to not believe he did not want to however, it would be less competition if their work is not the son of barack obama that did not want to play football lot >> and i would always say, from colin kaepernick that anything it nervousness would be from lack of being prepared but that would not be the case. >> gary: randy moss is also planning on playing next season. this alex smith he wants to be released. the 49ers are playing him 8.5 million. >> alex, is really being right there on the side that speaks volumes. if he does not want to state, then you could ripple to treat him. >> gary: jacqueline. >> if you wanted to -- trade him. and you can smell bourbon street. >> jacqueline: i have never been a tuber bradstreet. >> gary: it i have never been dashed to the orleans- jacqueline. if >> jacqueline: i've never been to the orleans. i've never been to bourbon street. his >> gary: into half, you know that it has a distinctive odor lla lr.. per
. ♪ >> bill: it's official now, senator john kerry will be president obama's next secretary of state. the senate confirmed that nomination today and it wasn't even close frankly. only three lawmakers voted. no the republican senators ted cruise and john cornyn from texas and james inhofe out of oklahoma all voting no. you can even see the lawmakers congratulating senator kerry with hugs and pats on the back before the voting was even finished. remember his confirmation hearing in front of the senate foreign relations committee a couple weeks ago was largely free of fireworks. senator kerry chaired that same committee for four years. after today's vote, he submitted his resignation letter and is he set to deliver his closing address tomorrow after 28 years in the senate. after that swearing in, senator kerry will take the baton from the outgoing secretary of state, hillary clinton. she goes "on the record" with greta's tonight. defended our mission in benghazi, libya, which came under attack on september 11th. that assault killed four americans, including our ambassador in libya. >> w
that president obama or then senator obama subscribed to. it's obviously not a position that senator hagel believes was the right one. and the fact that there's a disagreement over that, i think we can all pause it. what i can tell you is that the president believes that senator hagel will make an excellent secretary of defense and that he will be confirmed. and he looks forward to working with senator hagel in that position as we continue to advance our national security priorities. >> a topic that came up yesterday, today's jobs data showed the unemployment rate rising to 7.9%. it's hovered in that range for a number of months. to be sure the economy created jobs but it's at a relatively modest pace. we had a report recently of a contraction in the nation's output in the fourth quarter of last year. increasingly you have people like laura tyson writing columns calling for the need for a plan for faster growth, not deficit reduction. what is the president -- i know you've talked about how all the president's plans envision job creation, but what does the president tell his advisors when h
downpours coming up in just a couple of minutes. president obama is backing senate banned -- senate plan reform.ration said we must create a path to citizenship for 11 million illegals in the country. they can apply for permanent residency and five years later, citizenship. >> pretty straightforward. the question now is simple. do we have the resolve, as a people, as a country, as the government's, to finally put behind us? i believe that we do. >> as president obama laid out , people gathered in a examine how would affect them and their families. >> i can tell you that when i oom earlier, there people than what you see now. everyone was fixated on the tv screen. attentionpaying close what the president said. at the end of the speech, most people went home satisfied. attentionpaying close , clappingord he said was the way the crowd showed its satisfaction. antonio chavez was one in the crowd. been here 24 years. we talked with him before the speech. think it is time. >> we are hoping that president obama has a positive message. >> enough is enough. there are millions of fa
senate plan, obama about this in his own immigration bill to congress if lawmakers don't take immediate action. the senate has confirmed democratic senator john kerry as president obama is the secretary of state, replacing hillary clinton. the final tally was 94 in favor and three opposed. after the vote, democratic senators chuck schumer of new york and dick durbin of illinois paid tribute to john kerry's legacy. >> we still admire the job he has done in his past life in many different phases. we are excited he will be our secretary of state. i think for john kerry, the best is yet to come. >> is passionate pursuit of a safe nation and world is patriotism and commitment to america's best challenged values are well documented. while i am sorry to lose some as a colleague in the senate, i can think of no better person to serve as our nation's next secretary of state. >> the bodies of a least 80 people had been found and aleppo, each with their hands bound and gunshot wounds to the head. amateur video shows the dead corpses laid out after being collected from a bank on the river, most of
this month. senators expect to approve the measure it and then send it to president obama this week. >> a bipartisan group of senators said to announce the foundation of what could be sweeping immigration reform legislation. the senators will unveil the plan during a news conference this afternoon. it is expected to include tougher border security and a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the united states. president obama will travel to nevada tomorrow to lay out n reform. >> you can feel the bus already. six days away from the super bowl where the baltimore ravens will take on the san francisco 49ers. -- you can feel the buzz. >> baltimore gave them a sendoff. suzanne is at the inner harbor with players and fans. i imagine they're getting pretty excited. >> they are pretty excited. a great way to spend your lunchtime. even the rain and cold weather is not keeping these ravens fans away. they are bundled up, wearing red and black, here to give the ravens a huge sendoff. people came here early. they are featuring the marching ravens band, the chee
party is advocating limiting national service. president obama campaigned to expand to 250,000. senator kennedy helped to pass the expansion. i was wondering what role "the nation" can play in helping to support the program. >> we've done a lot of work around expanding doctors into rural community centers. americorps is a good program. all of those should be supported. we have not done as much. there has been controversy at the magazine. i am more of a supporter of teach for america than my colleagues. they are good programs. >> what could we do collectively as the next up for occupy wall street? -- next step for occupy wall street? >> what is your main interest in the issues raised by occupy wall street? if it is money and politics, you should join with those who are occupying the supreme court, fighting in states for clean money reform, and fighting for an amendment strategy to overturn the citizens united decision, and fighting in elections to change the supreme court. >> what would you think of having a national general assembly modeled on the original continental congress in philad
involvement in the conflict by conducting air fueling. >>> a bipartisan group of senators and president obama are pushing immigration reform this week. the group of eight senators will announce their immigration reform plan at a news conference this afternoon. the senators will call for increased border security, a guest worker program, and a pass to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants currently here in the united states. tomorrow president obama travels to las vegas where he will also push for immigration reform. >>> time now 4:45. and today president obama will also meet with police chiefs from three communities that experienced mass shootings last year. it's part of his administration push to address gun violence. the communities invited include aurora, colorado. oak creek, wisconsin where six people died in a sikh temple assault. and newtown, connecticut where 26 people were killed. >>> a report this morning says japan's government eased its safety standards to help fast track the boeing 787 which is now grounded. japan's two biggest airlines pressed the tokyo government. ja
unveiled a similar plan recently. obama wouldy that largely endorsed the senators efforts. he was heavily supported by -- supporters in in november's election. we talk to people in our area who could be directly impacted by reform. live in a satellite center, brianne carter. the boy scouts of america are considering changing their nationwide no gays policy. and gay members and leaders. change, theoposed different groups that sponsor could decide for themselves how to address that issue. any religious groups are upset policy may be rescinded. a vote on that policy change february 6.lace on >> a new super packages hillary clinton for in 2016. --ashington post so " reported this. clinton has reportedly and that she isenied interested in running. polls do show that she is extremely popular. fans flocking to new orleans 47.super bowl that is between the ravens and the 49ers. john gonzales is there live with a preview. show us all the purple that he can see. >> good morning. we are live outside of the hilton. a train going by. do not know who we have to to.lain the mayor or somebody. why did th
barack obama's recess were unconstitutional. the senate was technically in session just after the new year in 2012. the white house argues the session was a sham meant to block the appointment and they were out of town for 20 days. >>> the president named his long time advisory as chief of staff. the preside said the 43-year- old played a role in every nation of his press tensey. the out going chief of staff has been nominated for treasure secretary. >>> new research suggests boosting iq of a child. children with fish oil in their diet are enrolled in preschool and have parents that engage in interactive reading are more than likely to have a higher iq. it can help brain development. >> growth of connections among brain cells, and growth of brain cells themselves. >> the study found while preschool is important starting a child early did not show any add benefit to the iq. >>> well, stocks ended on a winning note sending the indexes to levels not seen in some time. solid earnings from proctor and gamble pushed the dow 70 points higher. nasdaq gained 19. the s&p500 longest winning stre
was in the summer of 2001. leaders of egypt, iraq, and libya were entrenched in power. barack obama was an illinois state senator, and arnold schwarzenegger was a movie actor. 10 years ago, most americans had never heard of a credit default swap or mortgage-backed securities. lehman brothers had celebrated its 150th anniversary and in 2001, mark zuckerberg was captain of his high-school fencing team. borders bookstores had $3 billion in annual revenue and meanwhile, kindle something you did to a fire and nook was merely a small corner of the room. most americans knew little about osama bin laden or al qaeda. at the time, i was u.s. attorney in san francisco and i myself being out here paid little attention to those terrorist attacks that were occurring overseas. today, our world can change in the blink of an eye. the effects of that change are felt more rapidly and more broadly than ever before. consider the current economic climate. when companies fail to recognize and adapt to change, they can go out of business almost overnight. law enforcement and the intelligence community face a similar chall
. confirmation hearings went well. president obama nominated the massachusetts senator to replace outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton. with kerry's confirmation all but assured. secretary clinton will officially leave her post at the state department by this friday. >> steve ballmer is distancing his group that is trying to buy the sacramento king and move to seattle. microsoft is not taking part in the group trying to buy the cimmings. ballmeris involved as a individual and not microsoft ceo. there was controversy when the state was asked to review the business relationship in microsoft in light of the potential move. >> one of the world's largest hotel chains is joining a campaign to repeal doma. the los angeles times report that is marriot international is joining aentnaand ebay and electronic art. marriot's executive chairman is a devout mormon. while he personally believes that marriage is between a man and woman, he believes he should not mix the views with the operatn of his business. the vice-president of marriot issued a statement. we are proud of long standing commitomit
scott brown and the came the first woman to represent massachusetts in the senate. in the house, joseph kennedy represents massachusetts's fourth district. watch in the house, live on and the senate on c-span 2. and this week's radio address, president obama and congresswoman susan brooks talked about needing to reduce the national debt. the president emphasized investing in programs that enable economic recovery. susan brooks urged democrats to pass a budget. >> hi, everyone. we face some important decisions about how to put down our debt in a way that grows our economy and create good jobs. the decision that will make a real difference in the strength of our recovery. we began with economists and business leaders saying that we are poised to grow. there are signs of progress. car sales are at a five year high. manufacturing is coming back. businesses created 2.2 million jobs last year. we have learned that our economy created more jobs in the last few months that economists are originally thought. this week we also received the first testament of the economic growth over the last a fe
it harm. >> reporter: in the 2012 election 71% of latino votes went to president obama. florida republican senator marco rubio a possible 2016 presidential candidate was a key member of this senate reform team. >> we also have to ensure that we don't do anything that encourages people to come here illegally in the future, but by the same token we are dealing with 11 million human beings. >> reporter: for its part the white house welcomed the deal. president obama will travel to nevada tuesday to lay out his vision which overlaps with the senate version. >> the president believes that it's very important that we move forward on comprehensive immigration reform. it's the right thing to do for the country. >> reporter: passage is widely expected in the senate, but the roadblock could come in the house. the rep conservatives have voiced concern -- republican conservatives have voiced concerns about creating paths to citizenships before holes in u.s. border security are closed. in an effort to gather more republican support for these proposals the path to citizenship has some stopg
their proposal would benefit the economy. president obama pushed for the senate to confirm his nominations to lead the security and exchange commission and the consumer financial protection bureau. " ... whose job it is to standup for you." this past wekk... the president nominated mary jo white to lead the s-e-c... and richard cordray for the consumer financial protection bureau... a job he currently holds. white worked as a top federal prosecutor in new york in high profile cases... like the successful prosecution of reputed mafia godfather john gotti. the president wants cordray to continue serving in the same capacity. republicans called for senate democrats to draft and pass a budget. >> the last time they passed a budget the ipad did not exist... >> the government has operated on a series of temporary resolutions authorizing spending. the current one expires in march >> the civil insurrection in syria is sending thousands of people across the border to jordan as refugees. more than six-thousand syrians have fled to jordan over the past two days -- and jordan's monarch is pleading
of defense. president obama nominated the former republican senator for the position earlier this month. his nomination is come with some continue verysy. members of his own party have challenged his past comments on israel, iran, and nuclear weapons. >>> five things to know before you head out the door this morning. 35 new police recruits will graduate from the maryland transportation authority police training academy. the recruits have completed 29 weeks of academic and physical training. the new officers will be assigned to various facilities around the state. >>> today is recalling more than a million vehicles worldwide mostly corolla models. the recall is for faulty air bags and windshield wipers. they were sold model years 2003 and 2004 and so far the company says the air bag problem has caused two confirmed crashes and 18 minor injuries. >>> a lab retriever is top dog for 2012. that's according to the american kennel club. german shepherds earned second place on the list followed by the golden retriever and bulldog. >>> quiet waters park in anne arundel county. they will host a ravens
iran was this. >> laura: great to see you. >> my pleasure. grecketly ahead. president obama and senator marco rubio both pushing immigration reform this week. will push back by their own parties derail the efforts? coming right back. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. sleep train'sor presidents' day presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents'
down as secretary of state on friday. president obama nominated massachusetts senator john kerry as her replacement. >>> this morning's big story once again is that wintry weather. >> we'll check in with gwen after the break. time now is 5:1. fox 5 morning news will be back in just a moment.  at honda, we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be. smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. >>> let's get you caugh
was senator so and so really like, who was a jerk, who was really neat, what obama said to you when you shook his hand and how that spoon managed to fall into your jacket? [laughter] well, here's the difference, we'll text someone, and we won't describe the ambience, the music, we'll just say obama cool, whatever senator a jerk, so and so. two hundred years ago we would compose several lengthy letters. you know, we know what the weather was on certain days during george's life because he took notice of the weather. we know how many hogs and heads of cattle he slaughtered in a particular day because he wrote it all down. today i think we're losing a lot of this. so the internet provides a great way for all of us to do our research. the internet provides a way of connecting people, but it also, you know, we could be losing a lot of this. so historians in another hundred years, i think, are going to have a rough time. plus today we seem to be extra cog any be santa of the impact of a damning letter. now, i think they were historically to some extent, also. for example, one thing george washingto
in the senate plan and what president obama laid out today. >> right. >> where okay, we can start the pathway to citizenship if this panel to consist of governors of border states down to the southwest and others down there in the southwest, we are talking about like jan brewer, rick perry, people like this, if they declare the border secure and as toure said, if they're in the mood to, they could say not secure, not secure. what in your mind is a fair standard to make a secure border? >> two things. i think we have to as you already pointed out and talked about by the other panels, find a way to basically make sure the people here are on a path to citizenship. bring families over in a controlled way. bring the families over. great idea. you control it. you don't fight it. >> okay. >> so i'm sorry to interrupt. part of declaring the border secure is having in place already the path to citizenship. is that what you're saying? >> right. i'm saying that you have to have control the fact that families want to come. deal with that right up front or they try to sneak across. you have to accept that
, for your service to our nation. >> thank you. >> chris: up next two key senators on president obama's ambitious agenda for a second term. how much of it will congress pass? it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ thank you. you know it can be hard to lbreathe, and how that feels.e, copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both.
obama has given the mandate. go forward with this. senate, i'm waiting to see a vote. i have a haunch the 12 senators that rated a b plus by the nra that may have been elected because of their stance on guns. i'm not so sure they are in a hurry to say aye or nay on a vote. >> you have heard express about concern over the assault weapons ban and greater interest in fixing up the background check system. i think you could see a package with background checks, cracking down on gun trafficking, moving against high capacity clips potentially. i think that will be controversial. i think you could probably get a lot of support but enough to get over the finish line. we don't know for a package like that in the next few months. this will be a tough issue. it's going to be front and center in front of the american people the next six months. public opinion will harden around sort of an argument. >> eric: here is my problem. public opinion hashedens around opportunities with giffords up there and parents from connecticut on tv. let's pull this full screen up to show you what is going on in amer
of superstorm sandy actually $50 billion aid bill is headed to president obama's desk after the senate passed the emergency measure. money comes over 09 days after the storm hit in the northeast. >>> d.c. mayor vincent gray will announce the result of d.c.'s 2012 fiscal year and the announcement is expected to reveal a more than $400 million surplus for the city. mayor gray has hinted he would put it into the city's reserve fund. other d.c. lawmakers believe that extra cash should be used to help fund social services here in our area. >>> still ahead, a new lease on life for the first soldier to survive after losing all four limbs in combat. we'll have more on his inspirational story. >> plus, a huge change could be in the works for the boy scouts of america. this morning, the controversial policy is getting mixed reaction. we're back in a moment. ñs >>> more protesters are righting in egypt as police try to stop them. locals held some of the masked attackers until police arrested them. u.s. embassy is closed because of violence and the chief of egypt's arm yes warning that the state c
deal was announced by lawmakers, president obama is heading to nevada to announce his plan. melanie a.-- alnwick has that story. >> the president's trip to vegas is to unveil his plan for immigration reform. eight senators, four republicans, four democrats, released framework monday which they call a tough but fair route to citizenship for more than 11 million people living here illegally. it allows more temporary workers to stay, increases border security and cracks down on employers who hire illegals. green cards could be awarded to immigrants who obtain certain advanced degree from american university. people here illegally would have to pass background checks and pay fines and taxes and then apply behind those who are already in line for a green card. these aren't new ideas. a bipartisan effort led by senators mccain and kennedy in 2007 failed but the stakes are different this year. >> for the first time ever, there is more political risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it. we believe we have a window of opportunity to act but we will only succeed in the effort i
all in a democratic primary to proportional delegation. one of the reasons senator obama won the nomination was because of proportional delegation. when he lost nevada to senator clinton, he won more delegates because he won the congressional districts. democrats complain about it, but they also have proportional delegation in their own party. >> to me, if there was a way to just do it, forget congressional districts. because everybody cheats. when the other guy is drawing the line, you say he's cheating. but if you just did popular vote and did proportional allocations, that would -- wouldn't that be more fair? i don't think it's fair right now, 51% of the vote in the state goes to one guy, he gets 100% of the electoral college votes. >> that's a very interesting idea. to the point you raised before, when you're talking about in california, california is a democratic state. but there are a lot of republicans in that democratic state. and you don't have republican presidential candidates trying to win their votes. so if you said that if republicans are -- have 40% of the vote
the senate to confirm president obama's nominee for defense secretary. white house press secretary jay carney defending former republican senator chuck hagel saying that he will be an excellent pentagon chief. now, this comes after a fiery confirmation hearing with members of the senate armed services committee. he faced some tough questions including this one from senator james imhoff. >> why do you think the rainan foreign ministry strongly supports your nomination to be the secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics senator. i have no idea, but thank you. >> senators could vote as early as this week. washington times columnist charlie hurt joins us to weigh in on whether we can expect senator hagel to be cob confirmed as defense secretary. >>> the reverend jesse jackson is leading a march today in honor of a chicago teenager killed this week. the 15-year-old high school band member gunned down days after attending the president's inauguration. just the latest victim in a city where there are 515 murders last year alone. more than 100 shooting incidents h
obama renominated cordray this week . senators wrote letters opposing the nomination and the senator said this week. until key structural changes are made to the bureau to insure accountabiity or transparency i will continue my opposition to any nominee for director. john bren ontobe cia director and chuck hagel to be defense secretary could be bumpy. they have made the rounds trying to convince senators that they are each capable of fulfilling the national security posts for the next four years. >> sharp words about chuck hagel and his nomination for defense secretary. chuck inhoff called hagel the wrong man for a job. senator inhoff points to list of serious concerns among them hagel's position on iran saying hush urged the bush administration to support iran in the world trade. he directeds with iran . threaten the security of israel. inhoff said hagel would push the plan to cut the size of our military. now the trouble in mali. bum pumadministration is seeking 32 million to train african troops to fight the extremist holds up there. weighing to provide air tankers to the french f
, make sure you come right here for a post game show and fans of new orleans. >>> president barack obama will layout his proposal for comprehensive immigration reform. senators unveiled their forum as well and coming up, the key difference to the president's approach to immigration reform and the senator's. >>> hillary rodham clinton is now registered with the federal election commission. the women behind the super pack are now ready to run for hillary rodham clinton when she is ready to run. she has almost 50,000 followers and she has denied she is interested in running for president but she is the favored democratic president by far. >>> people have a lot to say about plans to improve in marin county and caltrans wants to demolish the freeway like the one you see right here. the one under the $43 million project will improve safety and reduce congestion and critics say it costs too much money. the meeting will start at the redwood high school in larkspur. -- larkspur. sal, what are you looking at? >>> well, there is not a lot going on right now and we want to keep it's nice and quiet a
kerry takes over the state department after cruising to confirmation from the senate, president obama's choice to run the pentagon is a different story. on thursday, former republican senator hagel, a vietnam verb took fire from members of his own party for his opposition to the 2007 troop surge in iraq. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? >> i am not going for give you a yes-or-no answer --. >> refuse to answer that? >> he was hammered by g.o.p. senators who believe he is soft on iran and too tough on israel and grilled about referring to pro israeli groups at the jewish lobby. >> i should have used another term. i regret it. >> he did not help when he miss stated president obama's position on iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> i have been handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. >> despite the bruising hearing, hagel is still likely to be confirmed. if so he will be the first secretary of defe
what president obama did was violate a procedure that senator reid created under president bush and president bush respected. >> had senator reid gave any indication he was going to fight this with the president. would you think that the leader would defend the institution of the senate. and when president bush made recess appointments, he was sued in court and that's what we did in court ap they agreed with us. >> greta: what is pro forma session was as opposed to a recess. >> that wasn't important. what the contract-- let's say you're he a 10th grader taking american history and read the constitution, article 2, section 2. says the president may make recess appointments only during the recess if the vacancy happens during the recess and if you go back to the founding of the country when you took carriages and horse toss washington, it was created for a time when senators were gone for six months or seven months a year. so, what the court said is if the vacancy doesn't so occur during the recess of the congress and the president doesn't make the appointment during that time, du
of the senate armed services committee. >> president obama nominated the former nebraska senator as the next u.s. defense secretary. his confirmation process is expected to be somewhat contentious, more so than senator john kerry for secretary of state. delia goncalves is live in our satellite center. she has more on hagel's battle as he goes before the senate. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. it will be a fiery hearing on the hilda. senator kerry breezed through his confirmation process. it won't be as easy for senator chuck hagel, mainly because of his past comments that are literally coming back to haunt him. the 66-year-old vietnam veteran says his views have been distorted but his critics, and there are lots of them, say it shows a deep misunderstanding of the issues, including israeli-u.s. relations. some comments have been seen as pro-palestine, even as a justification for terrorism. the senator has even been seen as anti-gay. but his colleagues, including republican senator john coryn from texas are not buying his apology. >> i realize senator hagel is now repudiating ma
taken top priority, president obama's second term, a group of senators from both sides of the aisle are laying out the ground work for reform. the plan includes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers and strengthens border security with 7 in 10 latino voters supporting obama republicans are willing to play ball. >> there is a new i think appreciation on both sides of the aisle, including maybe more importantly on the republican side of the isle. >> americans support it in poll after poll. latino voters expect it. the democrats want it. republicans need i. >> president obama heads to las vegas tomorrow to unveil his immigration reform plans. >> five things to know on this monday morning, defense questions witnesses against john leopold. on friday the judge threw out one misconduct office charge. >>> felecia barnes murder trial continues today. michael johnson is accused of killing the 16-year-old. a witness saw barnes dead body the day she went missing. >> broadway stars, writessers, producers and directors are putting together a benefit. proceeds going towards the sandy s
. that is frankly a vision president obama has espoused and people should be concerned with respect to senator hagel as well >> sean: i know he is from nebraska and i'm not sure how that makes him more qualified. with all due respect to governor richardson, they seem to ignore these statements. he was talking about unilateral disarmament and the comments about iran and variety of other things. more disconcerted to go me is comments about israel. lindsay graham laid him out today. i almost was embarrassed for the former senator. >> it was embarrassing because you had to sit back and think, wait a second. this is man the president of the united states wants to put in command of our armed forces. first of all, think about the obligation we have to the men and women in uniform. we owe them the best. this certainly is not the best. we watch this performance by somebody who failed to comprehend the most fundamental threats as a nation. at one point he talked about the fact he didn't imagine he would be in charge of anything. you couldn't make up how baffled and dazed and confused he appeared. these senato
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